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Recreational Insurance

Owning an ATV or Jet Ski is an expensive dream come true for you and your family. You must make sure you have adequate coverage in case your vehicle is damaged in any way. If you have a lean on your new or used toy, your lender will require you to have complete coverage in the event your vehicle is damaged while on the road, parked at a campground, or while it is in storage. We write policies for other types of campers and RV sizes and types. We are a full-service insurance agency and can provide you a complete list of insurance services.

Fortress Insurance Agency is licensed, seasoned, experienced, and knowledgeable in the insurance industry. We can help you with the right amount of insurance coverage for your outside vehicle, structured around your budget.

Know the RV Laws

State laws tell you that an RV does not put you into the same category as truckers who must enter the weight scale when the weigh station is open. However, you still have to consider the gross weight of your trailer and towed vehicle. We can explain to you the calculated cost per weight of your vehicle, which in turn determines the price of your license fee. The more weight you have, the higher your license fee. The law does not require you to have insurance for your jet ski or ATV. Having the appropriate liability should not be overlooked, though.

Nothing Beats Complete Peace of Mind!

It only makes sense to place full coverage insurance on your belongings as you would with any other large investment. Protect your RV from damages, thief, and loss occurring on the road. Besides, Kansas law states you must have insurance coverage on your RV. Protect yourself and the occupants of your RV from possible injury.

When your outdoor vehicle is fully covered, you can rest assured you will remain safe and sound and have a wonderful vacation. Give Fortress Insurance Agency, an established and growing company, a call today, so one of our licensed, experienced, and trusted agents could give you a free no-obligation quote on RV insurance. Our agents are ready to help answer your questions and get you started.

While our office is located in Kansas, we serve clients in multiple states, including Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa

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