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Umbrella Insurance

Everyone has a certain amount of risk that they are willing to assume. You assume you can financially carry a set amount of responsibility if you're ever sued or have to care for someone if you cause an injury or property damage. But the majority of people cannot handle the heavy load of high liability issues. This could include being sued or having to pay for the injuries of a person after a major accident. There are ways that you can protect yourself beyond your standard insurance policies.

Understanding the Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy can help by giving you the peace of mind that you are protected from high liability claims. A policy ranges between $1 million in coverage to $5 million. It takes care of the left-over amounts of liability claims once your standard policies have exhausted the limits. An umbrella policy can cover things such as:

  • Legal fees in the event that you are taken to court.
  • The financial end of an accidental death situation.
  • Property damages that you incur.
  • Other liability claims against you.

The key to an umbrella policy is to know what kind of risks you have. These are the things that could potentially wreck you financially should someone decide to sue you. You may consider the fact that your dog could potentially bite someone, or a child could sneak into your pool and drown. Life has a funny way of throwing risk in your direction.

If you are considering purchasing an umbrella policy and have questions, then please call us at the Fortress Insurance Agency. We can help get you the policy that meets your needs You do not have to live in fear of liability issues any longer.

While our office is located in Kansas, we serve clients in multiple states, including Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa

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