What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you’re a business owner in Overland Park, KS, then you should be familiar with commercial insurance. If you’re new to owning a business, maybe you’re not as familiar and would like to be. Luckily, Fortress Insurance Agency has your back. Learn all about the in’s and out’s of commercial insurance and how it can protect your business. 

What Can You Get from Commercial Insurance? 

Commercial insurance, or business insurance, is a type of insurance that protects you and your business in the worst-case scenario. Like any insurance, commercial insurance provides your business with financial coverage. Here are some areas in which commercial insurance can provide coverage: 

  • Worker’s Composition: One of the more popular methods of coverage, worker’s composition provides a worker financial compensation if they were to get injured on the job. 
  • Liability: If someone else’s property was damaged and your business was at fault, this coverage would protect you. 
  • Property/Equipment Damage: If any of your business’s property or equipment were damaged, repair or replacement costs would be covered. 

To know how much coverage you are eligible for, visit Fortress Insurance Agency for a consultation. 

Why Get Commercial Insurance? 

If you have a business, whether it’s big or small, you need commercial insurance. Commercial insurance protects the vital aspects that make your business thrive: the equipment, the property, and the employees. It only makes sense to protect your assets. 

Keep Your Business Covered with Fortress Insurance Agency

To help you keep your business protected, Fortress Insurance Agency wants to help you find the right commercial insurance plan for you. Our office is located in Overland Park, KS, but you can contact us online for a consultation. Don’t wait any longer and get the right coverage to keep your business protected in the worst of times!