4 insurance Mistakes Home Owners Make

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4 Insurance Mistakes Home Owners Make

Your Overland Park KS home is one of your most prized possessions. You have likely devoted a lot of time and energy to finding your dream home. Home insurance allows you to protect your investment. The structure of your home is covered in the event of possible damage. This gives you a layer of protection if your ceiling is damaged due to an accidental fire or your window is cracked. If you plan to invite guests over on a regular basis, liability coverage protects you if one of your guests suffers an injury on your property. While looking over your home insurance policy, avoid these common mistakes.

Not Taking Inventory

Many homeowners fail to take inventory of their possessions. Taking inventory helps things run smoothly if you are a victim of theft. You’ll be able to show which possessions you’ve lost and need to be replaced.

Neglecting Flood Insurance

If you reside in an area with heavy rainfall, flood insurance is an asset. The policy helps cover any damage to your possessions due to a flood.

Extra Coverage

If you have luxury items at your home, you’ll need to amend your policy to cover any luxury items if they are stolen or vandalized.


You have to take care of your home. If your home develops mold, or rodent damage, home insurance does not cover you  

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