Safe boating tips

Safe boating is a fun activity enjoyed by many in the Overland Park, KS area, but it’s important to be aware of safety tips and regulations. Fortress Insurance Agency has long been providing boat insurance to our clients and can assist with related queries. 

Here are a few tips from us to keep your boating experience safe and enjoyable:

1. Wear a life jacket at all times

 It’s the law in most states that children must wear life jackets while on the water, but everyone should be wearing one regardless of age or swimming ability. It could save your life!

2. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol impairs judgment and can put yourself and others at risk of an accident. If you do plan on drinking, make sure someone else is designated as navigator who isn’t under the influence so you can make it back safely. 

3. Have an emergency plan

Make sure you know how to contact emergency services in case of an accident or distress signal, and know where your nearest hospital is located in case of medical emergencies. 

4. Be aware of weather conditions

Weather can change quickly, especially near the shoreline where wind speed can significantly increase with little warning. Make sure you check local forecasts before heading out each time, so you’re aware of any approaching storms or high-speed winds. 

5. Familiarize yourself with boat navigation rules

To ensure everyone has a safe experience on the water, make sure you understand navigation rules such as right-of-way when operating around other boats and buoys that mark special water zones for safe navigation near shorelines or fishing areas. 

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Remember to stay safe out there! With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about any potential risks associated with boating activities. For more tips, call us at Fortress Insurance Agency today. We serve the Overland Park, KS area boat owners with vital insurance coverage.