Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

Preparing your boat for a storm is an important part of marine safety here in the Overland Park, KS area. Knowing what to do and how to do it when a storm is on its way can help ensure the protection of your vessel, passengers, and crew. Here are some tips from us at Fortress Insurance Agency to help you prepare your boat for a storm.

Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

1. Move Your Boat:

If time permits, it’s best to move your boat away from the shoreline or dock onto deeper waters where waves won’t be as strong and destructive.

2. Secure Loose Gear:

Make sure all loose items are secured on board before the storm arrives. This includes tying down any canvas covers or sails, as well as securing anything that could become projectiles in high winds like oars, life jackets, anchors, and fishing gear.

3. Check Fuel & Fluid Levels:

Make sure your fuel and fluid levels are full before a storm strikes so you have enough gas on hand if you decide to take shelter or run from the storm. Also, check other systems such as electrical components and batteries – these should all be functioning properly so that you don’t get stranded in bad weather due to technical problems. 

4. Properly Anchor Your Boat:

Anchoring your boat correctly can make all the difference during a severe storm; make sure you employ proper anchoring techniques such as using multiple anchors at different angles or depths and ensuring they have enough rope attached for flexibility of movement in changing water depths or wind directions during the storm. 

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