4 insurance Mistakes Home Owners Make

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4 Insurance Mistakes Home Owners Make

Your Overland Park KS home is one of your most prized possessions. You have likely devoted a lot of time and energy to finding your dream home. Home insurance allows you to protect your investment. The structure of your home is covered in the event of possible damage. This gives you a layer of protection if your ceiling is damaged due to an accidental fire or your window is cracked. If you plan to invite guests over on a regular basis, liability coverage protects you if one of your guests suffers an injury on your property. While looking over your home insurance policy, avoid these common mistakes.

Not Taking Inventory

Many homeowners fail to take inventory of their possessions. Taking inventory helps things run smoothly if you are a victim of theft. You’ll be able to show which possessions you’ve lost and need to be replaced.

Neglecting Flood Insurance

If you reside in an area with heavy rainfall, flood insurance is an asset. The policy helps cover any damage to your possessions due to a flood.

Extra Coverage

If you have luxury items at your home, you’ll need to amend your policy to cover any luxury items if they are stolen or vandalized.


You have to take care of your home. If your home develops mold, or rodent damage, home insurance does not cover you  

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Purchasing a homeowners insurance policy protects you and your family’s home and belongings. In addition, most policies provide coverage to help replace or repair your home and its contents should they be damaged, destroyed, or stolen. As your most valuable asset in Overland Park, KS, you want your home to have all the protection available through your insurance policy. In addition, should a fire occur, your insurance policy should provide you the protection you need. 

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Should there be a fire, the following items are typically covered by homeowners insurance: 


Your homeowners insurance policy should cover the costs of repairs or rebuilding the structure of your home. Additionally, insurance typically covers any attached structures, such as a garage. If your home cannot be lived in, your insurance policy may also cover your hotel and food costs. 

Detached Structures

Also referred to as “other structures coverage,” your homeowners insurance policy may have coverage for detached structures on your property. These types of structures include sheds, detached garages, pools, and fences. 

Personal Property

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers personal belongings within the home, including appliances, clothing, and furniture. If these items are destroyed or damaged in a fire, your policy may help pay to replace or repair them. 

Other Coverage

Additionally, you may also be covered for damage to landscaping, such as trees and shrubs caused by the fire. 

Wildfire Damage

Depending upon the area, your policy may include coverage for wildfire damage caused to your property. 

To fully understand how much fire protection you have in your insurance policy, you must read it in its entirety. However, those in Overland Park, KS who still have questions about fire coverage should call our agents at Fortress Insurance Agency. We can help answer any questions you may have and get you the coverage you need. 

How to create and store a home inventory

Homeownership brings many risks, and about one in twenty homeowners file an insurance claim every year. When a claim relates to the home’s content, having a home inventory can make the process move along much smoother. At Fortress Insurance Agency in Overland Park, KS, we have years of experience providing a personalized assessment of your insurance needs and ensuring you have the correct protection. 

Creating a home inventory takes quite a lot of effort, but if you ever need to file a claim, you will be very grateful. You have several options for how to create your inventory. You can do it digitally, or you can do it manually with a pen and paper. Both are functional and provide the needed information. The object is to make sure you create an inventory with as much detail as possible. Go from room to room in your house and document what you have in each room. Open drawers and closets, leave nothing unturned.

When it comes to detail, add the brand name, model name or number, the serial number, and purchases. In other words, don’t say three vases, say one Lennox 18 inch vase, one eight-inch blue pottery German vase, and one hobnail milk glass bud vase. Take pictures of anything valuable. Having an appraisal or receipt really helps. Make sure backup records are attached and stored with the inventory. Don’t forget to visit the attic, basement, and garage. 

Where you store your inventory is important. Consider the possibility of your home being destroyed by a tornado or a fire. It might be tough to locate the inventory if you haven’t taken the right precaution. If possible store it off-site in a safety deposit box. At the very least, store it in a fire and waterproof box. 

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3 Important Questions to Ask About New Home Insurance

Every resident in Overland Park, KS can appreciate that "there’s no place like home" after a long day. Most homeowners never have to file a home insurance claim, but it’s wise to ask your insurance agent these questions in case you do. Here are a few common questions our customers ask us at Fortress Insurance Agency:

1. "Is water and sewer backup damage included in Kansas home insurance?"

Most home insurance policies in Kansas don’t cover water-related damage, but you can ask your insurance agent about adding a sewer backup rider to your policy. You would still need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy under the federal National Flood Insurance Program. 

2. "Does the policy cover fine jewelry, artwork, and other highly valuable items?"

Home insurance in Kansas sometimes offers protection for high valued items, but the amount varies. Coverage may be limited in certain situations. Check with your insurance agent to determine if you need to get a separate insurance policy for adequate coverage on these special items. 

3. "What proof will I need to file a claim?"

Understanding what you need to file a claim is very important with your home insurance. Take photographs of receipts, relevant documents, and detailed parts of your home before and after the damage. Contact your insurance agent right away, and wait for the adjuster to arrive and inspect your property before you can make repairs, if possible. After that, you can make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home. You may be reimbursed if you submit this documentation with your claim. 

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