Do You Exercise a Lot? You Might Still Need Life Insurance

Fortress Insurance Agency is an agency with many years of experience, one that understands how policies might vary for Overland Park, KS. For example, even if you’re someone who exercises regularly, you might need life insurance to keep your family safe from a sudden tragedy.

Exercising is Good for You But Potentially Problematic 

Here’s the thing about exercising: it’s naturally great for you, especially if you do it at a proper level. However, too much of a good thing can be a real issue. For example, joggers have been known to drop dead of heart attacks when there was nothing else wrong with them.

We’re not trying to scare you but simply make it clear that exercise is not the only way to stay healthy. In fact, you might overdo it and even damage your body if you’re not careful. That doesn’t mean you should stop exercising but maybe think about getting a life insurance policy as you age.

How Life Insurance Helps 

The thing about life insurance is that it’s a lot like having an inflatable life preserver in a boat while fishing: not strictly necessary, but nice to have around. Like a life preserver, it can help you when an emergency strikes and keep your family solvent after you suddenly pass away. 

While regular checkups with your doctor can ensure that you’re healthy or at least spotting common issues, life insurance gives you that extra level of protection. It can pay for things like your burial and after-death expenses to ensure your family isn’t stuck paying these costs. 

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5 Tips For Driving in Heavy Rain

When heavy rain strikes, you need to adjust your driving habits to mitigate the increased risk. Auto insurance can help cover you in the event of an emergency, but your auto insurance agent at Fortress Insurance Agency serving Overland Park KS and surrounding areas wants to help you avoid trouble to begin with.

Here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep Windows Defrosted

You may have to turn on the heater or air conditioning inside the car temporarily, even if it’s a little bit uncomfortable. Rain often causes windows to fog up, reducing your visibility.

2. Keep Both Hands on the Steering Wheel

When driving in heavy rain, keep both hands on the wheel. This isn’t the time to fiddle with your phone or the radio. If you start hydroplaning, you want to be able to regain control of your vehicle instantly.

3. Don’t Drive Through Big Puddles

Heavy rainfall can create large puddles of water. Ordinarily, you may be able to safely drive through puddles. But sometimes, the water could make sinkholes that aren’t visible on the surface. You never know how deep those puddles are, and your car could sink or be damaged.

4. Keep Window Visibility Clear

If you have a car filled with luggage or other items, make sure you keep your window visibility clear. Never stack items so high that you can’t see out all of your side and rear windows.

5. Maintain a Longer Distance

Keep a longer distance between you and the car in front of you than you normally would in dry conditions. That way, if the car in front has a problem or you can’t stop as quickly as you thought, you’ll have extra stopping distance to prevent a collision.

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What are the risks of riding with no motorcycle insurance?

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and thrilling experience. However, it can also be extremely dangerous. If you own a motorcycle and want to feel safer on the road, it is crucial to carry motorcycle insurance. If you decide to skip and ride uninsured, you may face numerous risks. 

The Risks Of Riding Without Insurance:

Here are the risks you may face if you do not carry proper insurance:

  • Fines and penalties.  It does not matter whether you are an experienced rider or not. It is important to understand that you are not allowed to ride without insurance. If police catch you on a motorcycle with no insurance, you may face financial consequences. In addition, your tag and registration might be suspended. 
  • Losing your motorcycle.  In general, motorcycles are expensive. Without proper insurance, you risk losing your precious investment in seconds. You can destroy your motorcycle in an accident, or it can be stolen. However, if you carry insurance, your loss will be covered. 
  • Financial risks. Accidents involving motorcycles are more common than you think. If you get into an accident and you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for covering medical bills and property damage. In some cases, motorcycle accidents can cost thousands of dollars. As a result, just one road accident can make you bankrupt. 

Looking For Insurance in Overland Park, KS?

Are you from Overland Park, KS or any other town in Kansas? Are you searching for motorcycle insurance to protect yourself and your valuable investment? Then, reach out to Fortress Insurance Agency, a local insurance company specializing in various types of insurance. Our insurance agents with knowledge and professional experience will help you find the right policy according to your budget and needs. Give our team at Fortress Insurance Agency a call. 

What is covered under commercial insurance?

One of the great things about commercial insurance in Overland Park, KS is that you can tailor your policy to get the protection you need. This is especially true with commercial insurance, as there are several kinds of coverage you may not yet be aware of. At Fortress Insurance Agency, we can help you explore your options and reach the level of protection you want.

Types Of Kansas Commercial Insurance

General Liability insurance is the most common kind of business insurance, and every small business should have it. General liability insurance protects you from claims of third-party bodily injury and property damage, such as if someone falls down at your business. It also carries some protection for personal and advertising injury.

Property Insurance protects the physical property where your business is located.

BOP or Business Owners Policy is an efficient way to combine property and liability insurance. This can save you money and make it easier to manage claims.

You need Commercial Auto insurance if any vehicles are used during your regular course of business. This also applies to personal vehicles you use for work, as your regular policy will not pay out for work-related claims. 

If your business has employees, you probably need Workers’ Compensation to pay for those who become ill or injured on the job.

Professional Liability insurance protects licensed professionals in case of negligence.

There is a greater need for Cyber Insurance than ever before. Cyber insurance protects your business from cyberattacks or data breaches by helping your business pay for investigation, litigation, and data recovery costs.

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Do You Need Motorhome Insurance When You’re Not Traveling?

Traveling in your motorhome can be an amazing way to see the country, but what happens when you’re not traveling? While you might decide to make your motorhome your full-time residence, you might also want to use it for vacations and leave it parked the rest of the time. If you’re not driving it, do you still need insurance on it? At Fortress Insurance Agency we can help you and other travelers in Overland Park, KS get the right motorhome insurance.

Motorhome Insurance When Not Traveling

The type and level of insurance coverage you need will depend on the way you use your motorhome. If it’s your full-time home, you definitely want to make sure you’re covered at all times. It’s not just about driving it, though. You also need protection from fire, theft, and other types of issues that could happen to it whether it’s on the road or parked in your driveway or a campground space.

If you’re only using your motorhome occasionally, and it spends most of its year parked at your house or sitting in a storage facility, you may be able to have a different kind of coverage on it. Since it’s not being used on the roadways at that time, you can work with your agent to ensure it’s protected without the need to protect other drivers. Talking to your agent about the options you have is the right way to find proper coverage.

We Are Here To Help

If you’re in the Overland Park, KS area, reach out to us today at Fortress Insurance Agency. We can help you find the right motorhome insurance policy for your needs, so you can get the coverage that fits your situation. Depending on how much coverage you’re looking for and the amount of time you drive your motorhome during the year, you may have several options.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Landscaping to Help Minimize Home Insurance Claims

A well-maintained landscape not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but can also play a significant role in preventing potential insurance claims. At Fortress Insurance Agency, serving residents in the greater Overland Park, KS area, we want to help you understand why keeping your outdoor space in tip-top shape matters.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Landscaping

Preventing Liability Hazards

Overgrown trees and bushes can obscure walkways and driveways, increasing the risk of accidents. Regular trimming and maintenance help prevent injuries to visitors and passersby. This proactive approach can reduce the likelihood of liability claims and help keep your insurance premiums in check.

Protecting Against Weather Damage

Proper landscaping can act as a natural barrier against weather-related damage. Well-maintained trees are less likely to break and cause property damage during storms. Additionally, regular yard maintenance minimizes debris buildup that could clog drains and lead to flooding.

Preserving Property Value

Neglected landscaping can lead to issues like soil erosion and water damage, affecting the structural integrity of your home. Routine upkeep, such as maintaining a healthy lawn and proper drainage, helps preserve your property’s value and reduces the likelihood of making a claim due to preventable damage.

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Maintaining your landscaping isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a proactive measure to prevent potential home insurance claims. By reducing liability hazards, protecting against weather damage, and preserving your property’s value, a well-kept outdoor space can contribute to a safer and more secure home. Regular landscaping maintenance is an investment that pays off both in terms of your home’s appearance and your insurance risk mitigation. If you are in the market for a new home insurance policy in the greater Overland Park, KS region, let Fortress Insurance Agency assist you. Call now to learn more.

Easy ways to eat healthier

Eating healthier can seem like a daunting task here in the Overland Park, KS area, but it doesn’t have to be. There are easy and delicious ways to make small changes that will help you get on the path to better health.

Here are some simple tips from us at Fortress Insurance Agency for eating healthier: 

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Eat a healthy breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and have adequate energy for the rest of the day. Choose breakfast foods that are full of fiber and protein, such as oatmeal, eggs, whole grain toast, and fruit. 

2. Pack your own lunch or snacks.

Making your own lunch or snacks prevents you from making unhealthy choices when dining out. Pack nutritious options such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables paired with lean proteins like tuna or peanut butter. 

3. Eat more plant-based meals.

Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is an easy way to get more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your body without having to sacrifice taste or nutrition quality. Try adding extra fruits and vegetables into dishes whenever possible, or start with one meatless meal a week. 

4. Cut back on processed foods.

Processed food usually contains unhealthy fats, salt, and added sugars which can be detrimental to our health if consumed in large amounts over time. Try swapping out processed snack options for healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit or trail mix made with nuts and dried fruit instead! 

5. Monitor portion sizes.

Make sure you’re not overeating by monitoring portion sizes of food choices when cooking at home or dining out at restaurants – this will help you maintain a healthy diet without feeling deprived of flavor! 

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Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

Preparing your boat for a storm is an important part of marine safety here in the Overland Park, KS area. Knowing what to do and how to do it when a storm is on its way can help ensure the protection of your vessel, passengers, and crew. Here are some tips from us at Fortress Insurance Agency to help you prepare your boat for a storm.

Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

1. Move Your Boat:

If time permits, it’s best to move your boat away from the shoreline or dock onto deeper waters where waves won’t be as strong and destructive.

2. Secure Loose Gear:

Make sure all loose items are secured on board before the storm arrives. This includes tying down any canvas covers or sails, as well as securing anything that could become projectiles in high winds like oars, life jackets, anchors, and fishing gear.

3. Check Fuel & Fluid Levels:

Make sure your fuel and fluid levels are full before a storm strikes so you have enough gas on hand if you decide to take shelter or run from the storm. Also, check other systems such as electrical components and batteries – these should all be functioning properly so that you don’t get stranded in bad weather due to technical problems. 

4. Properly Anchor Your Boat:

Anchoring your boat correctly can make all the difference during a severe storm; make sure you employ proper anchoring techniques such as using multiple anchors at different angles or depths and ensuring they have enough rope attached for flexibility of movement in changing water depths or wind directions during the storm. 

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Understanding Nebraska Auto Insurance Requirements

Here at Fortress Insurance Agency, although we maintain offices in Overland Park, KS we serve the residents of many states with the insurance they need. That includes Nebraska and so we want to apprise you of the auto insurance requirements of that state. When you move from one state to another, the insurance requirements change.

Nebraska Requires Liability Coverage

Like other US states, Nebraska requires its drivers to purchase liability insurance to help cover the costs of any person injured in an accident you cause. This insurance also covers property damage you cause.

Nebraska sets legal minimum insurance requirements for each driver. Note, that’s not per car, but per driver. If you and your spouse drive the car, your insurance must list you both as drivers. If your teenager obtains a driving license, you must add their name to your policy, too. Your auto liability policy must contain the following insurance minimums:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person per accident,
  • $50,000 in bodily injury coverage for all people harmed in an accident,
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

You can add optional coverage to improve the financial protection of your auto to your insurance policy. In Nebraska, you can add comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, and medical payments coverage. The latter coverage type bears similarity to personal injury protection (PIP) coverage offered in some US states.

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Required Auto Insurance in Kansas

If you own a vehicle, it’s important to always keep an auto insurance policy on it. It’s required by Kansas law that you have at least the minimum amount of required coverage types in your policy. Your insurance agent will know what you need and what else would be helpful to have in your auto policy.  When you need auto insurance, call us today at Fortress Insurance Agency in Overland Park, KS.

Required Coverage for Kansas Vehicles

There are several different types of coverage that are required for Kansas drivers to have. These come in various minimum amounts that are required, though drivers can add more coverage to the minimum amounts. In the state, bodily injury liability coverage is required. This includes one amount for one person who is injured and another amount for everyone injured in the accident.

There is also an amount required for property damage liability coverage. In addition, every driver must have an amount of bodily injury coverage for one person injured when an accident happens with an uninsured motorist. There is another amount required for everyone who is injured in that type of accident. There is also basic personal injury protection coverage that is required. This is an amount for each person who is injured in the accident from your own vehicle. 

Other Coverage

In addition to the required coverage, you may want to get comprehensive or collision insurance coverage. With collision insurance, the damage to your vehicle is covered. With comprehensive coverage, the vehicle is covered against a wide range of risks that it faces when it isn’t being driven. 

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When you own a vehicle in the state, you have to have an auto policy for it. To get a policy, call us at Fortress Insurance Agency in Overland Park, KS.