Should I Get Collision And Comprehensive Coverage?

As a matter of state law, collision and comprehensive coverage are optional. However, you will be required to purchase these two auto insurance coverages in some business situations. At Fortress Insurance Agency we typically recommend that our clients get these auto coverages. If you are a driver in Overland Park, KS who is still on the fence about whether or not you should get comprehensive coverage, it’s best that you get them.

Here are situations where collision and comprehensive coverage are needed and where having them would be very beneficial.

Getting Collision And Comprehensive Coverage

1. If You Have a Car Loan or Car Lease

Nearly all lenders will require you to get collision and comprehensive coverage if you have a car loan. Most car leasing companies also have the exact requirement. This is so that you don’t ditch your car loan or lease if the vehicle is totalled or stolen. After paying off your car loan, it’s best that you keep the collision and comprehensive coverage.

2. When Your Car Requires Significant Repairs

You likely think that you don’t need collision or comprehensive coverage because you can always afford to do minor repairs to your car. However, if your vehicle is severely damaged during an accident, the cost of repairing it would be significant. If you have these two auto coverages, you can avoid paying for the expensive repairs out of your pocket since your car insurer will pay for it.

3. When Your Car Is Totalled or Stolen

Your car can be severely damaged through vandalism, an accident, or a natural disaster to the extent it can’t be repaired; thus, it will be totaled. Additionally, when your car is stolen, you might never be able to recover it. If you don’t have collision and comprehensive coverage, you will have to purchase a new car with your money. However, if you have these two policies, the insurer will compensate you, and you can buy a new vehicle.

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