Do You Exercise a Lot? You Might Still Need Life Insurance

Fortress Insurance Agency is an agency with many years of experience, one that understands how policies might vary for Overland Park, KS. For example, even if you’re someone who exercises regularly, you might need life insurance to keep your family safe from a sudden tragedy.

Exercising is Good for You But Potentially Problematic 

Here’s the thing about exercising: it’s naturally great for you, especially if you do it at a proper level. However, too much of a good thing can be a real issue. For example, joggers have been known to drop dead of heart attacks when there was nothing else wrong with them.

We’re not trying to scare you but simply make it clear that exercise is not the only way to stay healthy. In fact, you might overdo it and even damage your body if you’re not careful. That doesn’t mean you should stop exercising but maybe think about getting a life insurance policy as you age.

How Life Insurance Helps 

The thing about life insurance is that it’s a lot like having an inflatable life preserver in a boat while fishing: not strictly necessary, but nice to have around. Like a life preserver, it can help you when an emergency strikes and keep your family solvent after you suddenly pass away. 

While regular checkups with your doctor can ensure that you’re healthy or at least spotting common issues, life insurance gives you that extra level of protection. It can pay for things like your burial and after-death expenses to ensure your family isn’t stuck paying these costs. 

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