Buying a Supplementary Health Policy

In today’s age, whether your employer offers health insurance or you have a policy through your educational institution, opting for a second health insurance policy can be beneficial. In this blog, we at Fortress Insurance Agency discuss why you should consider this.

Covering Unmet Healthcare Needs

Many employers in Overland Park, KS, offer their employees health insurance. However, these policies may not encompass all healthcare necessities. Individuals might need a secondary policy if their existing coverage does not support certain essential healthcare procedures.

Student healthcare plans often only cater to basic healthcare requirements, with campus healthcare being the primary treatment resource. These centers may employ competent doctors but could lack other critical facilities like advanced testing or even a hospital. A secondary health policy can provide assurance for a full year, addressing the issue of academic-year-only health coverage.

Lacking Wellness Programs in Your Primary Health Policy

Health insurance purchased through the U.S. Healthcare Marketplace often includes a wellness program. However, several policies may provide limited benefits. Procuring a secondary policy can offer the wellness program coverage you desire. This might include sessions with nutritionists, tailor-made programs for diabetes or high blood pressure management, and even yoga classes.

Adding to Medicare Coverage

Retirees might also find additional health coverage beneficial. The government-issued standard Medicare plan mainly covers hospital stays and in-hospital medical tests. An individual seeking coverage for doctor visits requires Plan B coverage, while prescription coverage needs Plan D. Instead of buying a government-issued Medicare plan, purchasing a private medical care policy can offer a comprehensive solution.

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