Easy ways to eat healthier

Eating healthier can seem like a daunting task here in the Overland Park, KS area, but it doesn’t have to be. There are easy and delicious ways to make small changes that will help you get on the path to better health.

Here are some simple tips from us at Fortress Insurance Agency for eating healthier: 

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Eat a healthy breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and have adequate energy for the rest of the day. Choose breakfast foods that are full of fiber and protein, such as oatmeal, eggs, whole grain toast, and fruit. 

2. Pack your own lunch or snacks.

Making your own lunch or snacks prevents you from making unhealthy choices when dining out. Pack nutritious options such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables paired with lean proteins like tuna or peanut butter. 

3. Eat more plant-based meals.

Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is an easy way to get more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your body without having to sacrifice taste or nutrition quality. Try adding extra fruits and vegetables into dishes whenever possible, or start with one meatless meal a week. 

4. Cut back on processed foods.

Processed food usually contains unhealthy fats, salt, and added sugars which can be detrimental to our health if consumed in large amounts over time. Try swapping out processed snack options for healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit or trail mix made with nuts and dried fruit instead! 

5. Monitor portion sizes.

Make sure you’re not overeating by monitoring portion sizes of food choices when cooking at home or dining out at restaurants – this will help you maintain a healthy diet without feeling deprived of flavor! 

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