3 Important Questions to Ask About New Home Insurance

Every resident in Overland Park, KS can appreciate that "there’s no place like home" after a long day. Most homeowners never have to file a home insurance claim, but it’s wise to ask your insurance agent these questions in case you do. Here are a few common questions our customers ask us at Fortress Insurance Agency:

1. "Is water and sewer backup damage included in Kansas home insurance?"

Most home insurance policies in Kansas don’t cover water-related damage, but you can ask your insurance agent about adding a sewer backup rider to your policy. You would still need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy under the federal National Flood Insurance Program. 

2. "Does the policy cover fine jewelry, artwork, and other highly valuable items?"

Home insurance in Kansas sometimes offers protection for high valued items, but the amount varies. Coverage may be limited in certain situations. Check with your insurance agent to determine if you need to get a separate insurance policy for adequate coverage on these special items. 

3. "What proof will I need to file a claim?"

Understanding what you need to file a claim is very important with your home insurance. Take photographs of receipts, relevant documents, and detailed parts of your home before and after the damage. Contact your insurance agent right away, and wait for the adjuster to arrive and inspect your property before you can make repairs, if possible. After that, you can make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home. You may be reimbursed if you submit this documentation with your claim. 

Feel free to contact us at Fortress Insurance Agency if you have questions, too. Our knowledgeable staff serves Overland Park, KS, and surrounding areas. No matter what life throws your way, we’re here for your insurance needs!