Road safety tips for motorcycle riders in Kansas

Let’s just be honest that motorcycles are fun, cool, and fuel-efficient ways of getting around. However, it is also true that motorcycles are among the riskiest modes of transport, especially for new owners in Overland Park, KS.

Motorcycle related accidents are likely to be 30 times more fatal than car accidents, and that’s why Fortress Insurance Agency recommends buying adequate motorcycle insurance to help keep you safe. So what are the safety tips for new motorcycle riders in Overland Park, KS? Read on to find out.

Wear protective gear before heading out

Riding a motorcycle is nothing like driving a car. Your body is not only exposed to the windy and cold outdoor temperatures but also at risk of getting injured when you collide with other objects. That’s why motorcycles come with helmets with face shields to cushion your head from injuries.

Always keep distance

The rule of keeping a distance applies to all motorists. As a motorcycle rider, keeping a distance of several meters away can save you from reckless car drivers or inexperienced drivers who may underestimate their speed and knock you.

Embrace defensive driving

Never assume that other drivers can see you. Always ride defensively by keeping a good distance and staying out of a driver’s blind spot. If you need to make a move, such as changing direction, give a proper signal, and watch for direction changing vehicles.

Follow traffic rules

Not adhering to traffic rules is one of the causes of most motorcycle accidents. Many motorcycle owners tend to violate these rules, risking accidents, and putting other drivers’ lives at risk. Keep your speed low; remember, the faster you go, the longer it will take you to stop. Learn motorcycle traffic rules and regulations to avoid penalties or even jail terms.

Operating a motorcycle requires unique skills. However, traffic laws and insurance coverages apply to every rider. If you need a customized motorcycle insurance policy, contact Fortress Insurance Agency, and we will help create a policy that fits your needs.