Safe driving tips for new drivers

As a new driver, staying safe behind the wheel is essential. Here are some tips from us at Fortress Insurance Agency to help you stay safe on the road here in the Overland Park, KS area and everywhere.

Safe driving tips for new drivers

1. Always wear your seatbelt.

Wearing a seatbelt can drastically reduce your risk of injury in the event of an accident, so it’s important to always put it on before setting off. 

2. Avoid distractions while driving.

Turn off your phone and avoid eating or drinking while driving so that you can keep your full attention on the road. 

3. Obey all speed limits and traffic signals.

Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it can also save you from getting a ticket! 

4. Don’t drive when you’re feeling drowsy or fatigued.

Even if you feel like you could make it home, it’s not worth taking the risk – pull over in a safe place and take a nap until you’re feeling more alert and able to drive safely again. 

5. Check your mirrors often and practice defensive driving techniques.

By checking your mirrors regularly and being aware of other drivers around you, you can anticipate potential risks and take steps to avoid them safely. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

Following these tips will help keep you safe on the roads as a new driver! For more tips on how to stay safe while behind the wheel, or if you have any questions about your insurance coverage, please give us at Fortress Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Overland Park, KS area and would be happy to answer all of your questions.