Three Considerations for RV Insurance

You want to make sure your RV is properly insured, and you reach out to us at Fortress Insurance Agency in Overland Park, KS to discuss your options. Our experienced insurance agents are here to guide you through getting the right policy for your vehicle.

Here are some considerations to discuss:

Type of Camper

The type of camper you own will determine what kind of insurance is required. Most RVs are the pull-behind variety. In Overland Park KS you are only legally required to have RV insurance for motorized RVs. If you have a loan on your fifth wheel or pop-up, though, your lender may require it to be fully insured.

Personal Items

Your RV coverage doesn’t cover your personal effects within the camper itself. Those would be covered under your homeowner’s or renters’ policy. If your trailer will contain expensive items like high-end adventure gear or pricey electronics, it’s a good idea to secure additional coverage to protect them.

Primary Use

Most RV insurance is built to cover recreational use only. Many RV policies will not cover full-time RV living. It’s important to discuss your needs to get the right policy for your needs. Policy details you may wish to discuss with Fortress Insurance Agency when you are ready to create or adjust your RV policy include:

  • Personal liability: This refers to if you owe someone else for damages. This is not automobile liability. It may cover dog bites, but some policies have breed restrictions and reduce the limit for claims related to bites.
  • Contents: The things not glued, screwed, or nailed to your RV permanently.
  • Additional living expenses: Money to live on while your RV is being repaired for a covered loss.
  • Roadside service: Towing, tire replacement, and gas/oil delivery can be a huge boon to full-time RVers.

Get The Right Coverage Today

When you are ready to look at your RV insurance options, call us at Fortress Insurance Agency in Overland Park, KS. Our expert staff can answer all your questions and help you feel confident with the choices you make.